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Floating is becoming increasingly established as a well-known treatment in the medical wellness industry. Its scientific origins combined with numerous university research papers underlining its positive effects have given floating an excellent reputation as well as making it an eminent part of the industry. Besides classical floatation studios and clinics, a growing number of hotels in particular are banking on this new wellness trend. The number of studios in Germany has increased considerably in the past couple of years.

International market development since the first float studio opened in California in 1977:

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Floating is becoming increasingly popular in the following sectors:

A floatation spa is the perfect complement to any hotel’s wellness area. It is particularly important for modern wellness hotels to be able to offer sophisticated and effective treatments using economically sensible solutions.

Some of the advantages of having a floatation spa in a hotel are:

  • Highly effective: Treatments which originate in scientific research and which have proven therapeutic benefits (orthopaedics, dermatology, post-accident convalescence, etc.) are often referred to as medical wellness. The effects of these methods are quite superior to those of “simple” wellness treatments and, as a result, they are becoming increasingly important on the wellness market.
  • Low staff costs: As opposed to massage or other treatments, no extra staff is required to operate the floatation system.
  • High customer satisfaction: Clients see floating as a one-of-a-kind experience. It reliably relieves pain in the shoulders and neck.
  • Low operating costs: Costs for water, salt and electricity amount to a mere € 50 to € 100 a month, depending on the how much the spa is utilized.
  • High financial returns: Floating is known as an effective, high-quality and therefore also rather highly priced treatment. Most operators typically charge €60 for a one hour floating experience. So with a mere 5 sessions a day, you can quickly generate a high daily turnover.
  • Profit can also be gained from selling salts (magnesium sulphate) and other float related health and beauty products.

Floating often accompanies and supplements rehabilitation measures and different forms of therapy. Scientific studies have researched its benefits particularly in the following areas:

  • Orthopaedics
  • Dermatology
  • Pain treatment
  • Sports medicine
  • Rehabilitation
  • Stress treatment

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The market development to date is very promising. The financial perspectives both for existing studios and for new ones are great. Having a system which is reliable, requires little to no maintenance even if it is used to maximum capacity is key to be able to effectively run a studio. Regulations imposed by Trade Licensing Offices will surely be tightened in future and so it is vital to have a spa with a reservoir system and reliable measurement and control technology to avoid possible complications. Consistently high water quality and trouble-free operation are the basis for successful business.

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Professional sport centres in the USA and Australia are well aware of the benefits of the float tank and regard the use of the tanks as an integral part of their training regime. Floating in a concentrated saline solution relieves muscles and joints and also has noticeable positive effects on the mind as well. Floating therapy is extremely valuable when used to support training routines and accelerate recovery after competitions or injuries.

  • Improved muscle development through an immediate high state of physical relaxation
  • Significant reduction of lactic acid
  • Improved muscle control
  • Faster recovery after competitions
  • Improved recovery process after injuries
  • Superior synchronisation of mental and physical processes

For more information on sports and competitive sports, download the following document provided by our partner the German Floating Association.
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Private spa treatments are also playing a greater role in reducing stress and preventing burn-out symptoms. As a complementary treatment to a sauna or swimming pool, a floatation spa is ideal to relax efficiently in a short time, to energise the body and relax the mind and supplements sport activities sensibly. In the USA, the private client sector is presently the largest.

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