Systems for several tanks

There is the possibility to use one water preparation system for several pools. This solution is very cost efficient and less room is required, as several pools can be fed from one and the same extended water preparation system.

The initial outlay and running costs are substantially lower, if you chose this solution.

We would be happy to consult you on how to best install a system feeding several tanks which is controlled by standard software and one water preparation tank. All pools are individually controlled via a touch screen. There is no additional preparation time necessary and the floating sessions can be held in parallel or one after the other.

float Med Tec - floatOne - Multi System

floatOne – taking relaxation to a new dimension

floatOne offers high-quality equipment which has a modern water preparation and reservoir system. This is for discerning customers and was also especially designed from the operator’s point of view. ...

floatOne has already been
installed in the following places

O.Zero.Spa, Abu Dhabi
Floating-Studio, Moscow
Backstage Hotel, Zermatt
tranxx Floating, Berlin

float Zurich
float Hamburg
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