floatOne‘s water preparation and filtration system meets the high standards of German authorities as regards design, quality of workmanship and the possibility to read and store measurement data. Floating is thereby made possible in an absolutely sterile and hygienically prepared super-saturated saline solution. The water preparation and filtration system is designed for public swimming pools and has been especially adapted to operate with super-saturated saline solutions.

The floatation pool is automatically filled and emptied before and after each guest to meet the highest hygienic standards. The pool itself can be optimally cleaned after each floating experience.

float Med Tec - floatOne - Preparation

The saline solution preparation unit is comprised of the following components:

  • Saline solution storage and release tank, as well as the washing tank is made from salt water resistant polypropylene with an insulated bottom, can be entirely emptied.
  • Circulation and drainage pump, made of salt water resistant, synthetic material with a high circulation capacity.
  • Single-layer filter, salt water resistant synthetic container with automatic filter backwash. Filter diameter 50 cm.
  • Heating, heat exchanger for connection to central warm water heating in a salt water resistant design
  • Measurement and control technology, measurement unit to register free chlorine, pH value, reduction-oxidation potential and the temperature of the saline solution. Concentration of the saline solution is regulated via the central control unit.
  • Chlorine dosing stations (or hydrogen peroxide), connected to the central control unit for proportional control.
  • Central control cabinet with built in control computer with 6.5 inch flat-screen with a menu-driven touch-screen to control the complete preparation of the saline solution.

For more information on our water preparation technology, please refer to our product description.

Please send us an email, if you require more detailed technical information, e.g.

  • detailed drawings with all measurements
  • installation instructions (connections)
  • calculation of running costs

floatOne – taking relaxation to a new dimension

floatOne offers high-quality equipment which has a modern water preparation and reservoir system. This is for discerning customers and was also especially designed from the operator’s point of view. ...

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Backstage Hotel, Zermatt
tranxx Floating, Berlin

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