Based on our accumulated experience operating spas for many years and looking after approximately 250.000 clients, we have issued an operating manual which contains answers to all relevant questions regarding customer care, administration and which can serve as a guideline for marketing and PR matters. Combined with a brief training unit, this manual will guarantee that all operational processes in your float studio run smoothly.


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floatOne – taking relaxation to a new dimension

floatOne offers high-quality equipment which has a modern water preparation and reservoir system. This is for discerning customers and was also especially designed from the operator’s point of view. ...

floatOne has already been
installed in the following places

O.Zero.Spa, Abu Dhabi
Floating-Studio, Moscow
Backstage Hotel, Zermatt
tranxx Floating, Berlin

float Zurich
float Hamburg
float Berlin
float Munich Visit a float centre and experience the weightlessness of being – For more background information and an insight into research studies –