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We plan, manufacture, and install floatation systems, customised and tailor-made to suit your spa project. We offer design consultancy and can adapt our products to meet even the most complex structural requirements and your ideas on pricing.

Our floatation systems are manufactured in Germany and precision engineered with the most advanced swimming pool technology. On this website, you can find all the technical details of our systems and of course what design options you have.

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floatOne has already been
installed in the following places

O.Zero.Spa, Abu Dhabi
Floating-Studio, Moskau
Backstage Hotel, Zermatt
tranxx Floating, Berlin

float Zurich
float Hamburg
float Berlin
float Schwabing

www.float.de Visit a float centre and experience the weightlessness of being – www.float.de

www.floating-verband.de For more background information and an insight into research studies – www.floating-verband.de